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120 - 3500 CHF

International fame

Participants in art fairs

Commissioned work

Acies, the artist name of Mike Büchler, embodies an amazingly motivated and optimistic personality who expresses his imagination and joy of discovery in each of his works. He places particular emphasis on developing and cultivating awareness, which is reflected in the depth and complexity of his art.

Acies is a visionary artist who creates fascinating experiences through his paintings and takes the viewer on a personal journey. His works cover a wide range of themes and areas of life, which he brings to life using versatile techniques and materials such as spray cans, acrylic markers and digital painting.

What makes Acies' art particularly special is his versatility and ability to convey emotions and concepts in a profound way. His works are not only visually impressive, but also invite you to immerse yourself in the worlds depicted - be it your own universe, a personal jungle or an abstract emotional image.

Through his international experience and participation in major events, Acies has continuously refined his skills and built a reputation as a recognized figure in the art scene. His art tells stories and opens up new perspectives for the viewer, which undoubtedly makes him an outstanding artist of our time.


«Art makes visible. – This is the idea behind my work. To make the invisible visible. To bring out the forgotten from the imagination and to immerse oneself in a world that only art can create.»


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