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Edith Konrad
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Edith Konrad



700 - 3200 CHF

International fame

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Edith Konrad, a talented artist from Sins, Switzerland, has an impressive education and artistic career. She graduated from the Aarau Women's College and the Handicraft Teachers' Seminar in Brugg. She also deepened her knowledge of color and fashion style consulting at Koloristika in Bern and at the School for Painting Therapy. From 2000 to 2015, she took part in various painting study weeks at home and abroad to further develop her techniques.

Since 2000, Edith Konrad has exhibited her works in various group and solo exhibitions at home and abroad. From 2002 to 2007, she was the owner of the Bahnhofgalerie in Sins, AG. In 2003, she received an award at the 2nd Concorso Internationale di Pittura in Aosta, Italy. Since 2008 she has regularly participated in the art supermarket in Solothurn and was awarded the Palm Art Award Certificate of Excellence in 2009. Since 2010 she has participated in international fairs in cities such as Montreux, Geneva, Salzburg, Rotterdam, Marbella, Porto Ceresio and Paris. In addition, her works are permanently exhibited in galleries in Zurich and Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

Edith Konrad works primarily with mixed media. For her works of art she uses materials such as acrylic paints, tar, sand, earth, wax, pigments and oil paints. These are applied to the canvas in layers, allowing the colors to flow, leaving traces and creating structures by scribbling, scratching and drawing. Her works invite the viewer to follow the creative process and discover inspiring, mysterious elements that leave room for their own thoughts and interpretations.

A recurring theme in Edith Konrad's work is people - whether alone, together or in groups. Human presence and creativity are at the heart of her works, which invite us to never be alone and to always develop new ideas.

Edith Konrad is happy when she can inspire other people and their spaces are changed by her pictures. The sale of her works of art supports four families in Sri Lanka, which gives her art an additional deeper meaning.

Edith Konrad



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