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About the artist

Gabriel Tarmasi
Getting started

Gabriel Tarmasi



100 - 30 000 EUR


Wall design possible


Gabriel Tarmassi (*1993 in Bamberg) creates sculptural objects made of wood, the spectrum of which ranges from wall sculptures to sculptures and applied art, and which are characterized by an organic and dynamic formal language. His works are an expression of a holistic mentality that seeks to explore the unity with the "Qi", which is considered to be the universal life energy in the Buddhist culture of ancient China. In doing so, he always treats the material with respect for its own, individually grown history. He does not try to control the peculiarities of the wood, instead he leaves it free. He consciously integrates cracks, branches or "defects" into his process. Gabriel Tarmassi has so far exhibited his works at trade fairs in the Grassi Museum Leipzig, the Museum of Art and Crafts and the Affordable Art Fair in Brussels.

Gabriel Tarmasi

“What lies before us and what lies behind us is nothing compared to what lies within us.” Henry David Thoreau


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