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About the artist

Jolanda Masa Aerni
Getting started

Jolanda Masa Aerni



1900 - 4000 CHF

International fame

Participants in art fairs

Commissioned work

Jolanda Masa lives and works as a freelance artist and course leader in the Mal Atelier Masa in Rothenburg LU.

She has been painting and drawing since childhood.
She is a versatile artist who works with passion and talent in two different styles. Her portfolio includes abstract mixed media artworks as well as figurative paintings in oil. With a wide range of artistic expressions and techniques, she creates fascinating works of art that captivate the viewer. Her work is characterized by its emotional depth, her creative joy of experimentation and her passion for painting.

Abstract painting:
In her abstract painting, Jolanda Masa takes us into a world full of colors, shapes and textures. By combining acrylic paints, delicate structures and countless layers, she creates dynamic and lively works of art that express a variety of emotions and moods. Her works invite the viewer to find their own interpretation and immerse themselves in a world of fantasy and creativity.

Figurative painting:
In addition to her abstract painting, Jolanda Masa also devotes herself to figurative painting, in which she captures the beauty and diversity of the human form. With fine brushstrokes, realistic depiction and a precise power of observation, she captures the beauty and expressiveness of the human form. Her figurative works testify to a deep engagement with people and their individual history.

Jolanda Masa Aerni

"As a child, everyone is an artist.
The difficulty lies in remaining one as an adult." Pablo Picasso


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