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About the artist

Linda Lieffers
Getting started

Linda Lieffers



1800 - 5000 USD

International fame

Participants in art fairs

Commissioned work

Linda Lieffers is a Canadian abstract expressionist artist whose art is inspired by her life in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Her works are characterized by their larger scale and are appreciated for their atmospheric qualities, blended hues and varying luminosity. She paints intuitively, letting one brushstroke lead to the next, her initial thoughts often giving way to something completely different. Each work of art takes her on a journey to an unknown destination.

Being an artist challenges her, opens her up, sometimes hurts, soothes her spirit and is incredibly healing. There is something irrepressible in the power of painting; the brushstrokes are her voice, the colors her mood and the subject matter her own opinion. She will be forever grateful for the opportunity to reach others through her art and for the honor of bringing something new and beautiful into this world.

Linda Lieffers

«Art from the heart»


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