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Luise Schellenberg
Getting started

Luise Schellenberg



600 - 2000 CHF


Participants in art fairs

Commissioned work

Lusie Schellenberg is an award-winning professional artist from Switzerland, whose paintings have been exhibited nationally, but also in Germany, Austria, the USA, Spain, France ,Netherlands, Italy and Russia. The main genres of painting are seascapes, cityscapes, people and still lifes. The artist works mainly in the technique of multi-layered oil painting, respecting the historically developed writing techniques, which contributes to the long-term preservation of the original quality of the painterly layer. The same traditional approach to painting has been transferred to works of a modern sound. She uses various techniques such as multi-layered painting, realism, expressionism, modern impressionism in combination with mastichin, author's technique. Her signature landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, still lifes and figurative works are created in oil and acrylic on canvas.In his works, the author does not resort to limited style: they can be structured on the verge of abstraction or acquire the genre coloring, turning into stories from life. She describes her artistic expression as a reflection of reality as it really is. With her art, Lusie Schellenberg wants to «preserve the untouched beauty of existence.» Her works have been presented at the MAMAG Museum and the Louvre for contemporary art. She is one of the few artists to have been published in the British magazine TATLER UK, House & Garden Magazine UK , Spotlight contemporaryartmagazine.

Luise Schellenberg

«Art makes visible»


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