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About the artist

Narine Zolyan
Getting started

Narine Zolyan



600 - 5200 EUR


Participants in art fairs

Commissioned work

Narine Zolyan is a versatile artist, freelance curator, teacher, poet and essayist. For many years she has held numerous exhibitions, including solo exhibitions in many countries. In total, she has participated in more than 300 exhibitions and is the author of articles and art projects dealing with social, religious, ethnic, political and psychological issues. Her work in the field of children's exhibitions, refugee exhibitions and art therapy sessions with alcoholics, autistics, mentally ill people and refugees from Ukraine are particularly noteworthy.

Narine Zolyan prefers expressive figurative-abstract forms and symbols through which she transforms her original life experiences into creative works. Her art invites the viewer to freely interpret and discover personal meanings without being limited by fixed dogmas. With her art she creates space for individual perceptions and deep reflections.

Narine Zolyan

«Art doesn’t have to do anything. Art can do anything»


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