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Natalia Schaefer
Getting started

Natalia Schaefer



350 - 7000 EUR

International fame

Participants in art fairs

Commissioned work

Natalia Schäfer, born in the Southern Urals/Russia, is a self-taught artist who later completed her bachelor's degree in graphic design.
She has lived in Germany since 1992 and has been pursuing her calling as a freelance artist for 20 years, known for series such as Mindfulness with Meditative Mandalas, Abstract Art and Folk Art. Her work has been exhibited internationally in cities such as Berlin, London, Zurich, Munich, Gstaad, Montreux, Venice, Miami, New York, Tokyo and Dubai. The project "Atlantis
- the message for today" was supported by a scholarship from Neustart Kultur. Since 2009, her works have been published on stationery products by leading German-speaking publishers. In addition, she designed the covers for the music albums "Gaia" (2020) and "Cocoon" (2024) by composer Henning Fuchs (Neumeister Musik Label).

"My art offers the viewer a breather, invites them to pause and shows the beauty of life and our connection with nature. I work intuitively and like to experiment, be it conceptually or from the gut. My passion and main themes are mandalas, wildlife, abstract art and folk art."

Natalia Schaefer

«Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else» Leonardo da Vinci


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