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Patricia Armbruster
Getting started

Patricia Armbruster



800 - 3500 EUR

International fame

Participants in art fairs

Commissioned work

Patricia Armbruster is a German painter, costume designer and lecturer. She studied art and design at the Academy of Fine Arts and the German Master School for Fashion and has always been a creative. She is known for her vibrant and expressive paintings. Influenced by a love of nature, she composes works that are characterized by intense colors and depth. In contrast to conventional methods, she does not use brushes and instead uses a spatula and squeegee. Layering and mixing colors lead to unpredictable and dynamic results and give her artwork a vibrancy and presence that captivates the viewer. Her abstract and informal style pushes the boundaries of traditional painting techniques, using spontaneity and chance to create works that are both visually impressive and emotionally resonant. The individual creative process results in a rich, fascinating and profound aesthetic.

Patricia Armbruster

«Art is a transmitter, a window which opens up new possibilities to improve life»


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