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About the artist

Rosa Lorenzo Iglesias
Getting started

Rosa Lorenzo Iglesias



500 - 5000 CHF

International fame

Participants in art fairs

Commissioned work

Rosa Lorenzo Iglesias is a passionate artist with roots in Vigo, Galicia. She trained at the "Abracadabra" art school in Vigo, where she had her first solo exhibition in 1984. She has lived in Switzerland since 1989 and found new inspiration there. In 2004 she completed the "Speaking in Pictures" continuing education program at the Zurich University of Art and Design. Since 2009, Rosa has devoted herself entirely to her art as an independent artist and founded her studio "Morfeo-Art". Her works, which include both abstract and figurative techniques as well as portraits, invite the viewer to find their own interpretations. She captivates her audience with deep emotions and ideas and brings deep feelings to life on the canvas. Regular exhibitions at home and abroad are evidence of her versatile and dynamic artistic activity.

Rosa Lorenzo Iglesias

«Art is the expression of the invisible through the visible»


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