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About the artist

Silvia Lehmann
Getting started

Silvia Lehmann



1500 - 5000 CHF

International fame

Participants in art fairs

Commissioned work

"Creativity as a perspective" - Silvia Lehmann's art opens up a world of lively emotions. Every canvas tells deeper stories than words.

The background of the picture is created with many layers of acrylic and sometimes additional materials to achieve great depth and dimension, but also intensity and reflection. The desired motif - often in motion and with strong expression - is created against this complex background, which is sometimes simplified at the end to harmoniously round off the overall composition.

Every picture is a journey into the unknown, brings the invisible to light and speaks the inexpressible. It is about experiencing and feeling, touching and inspiring, new perspectives and sensory impressions.

Her creativity springs from a deep love of life and people. Her art invites you to see the world with shining eyes and experience the magic of colors and shapes. Immerse yourself in her artistic world, in which every canvas is an adventure.

Silvia Lehmann

«Creativity as a perspective»


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