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About the artist

Vik Schroeder
Getting started

Vik Schroeder



1000 - 10000 CHF

International fame

Participants in art fairs

Commissioned work

Vik Schroeder (Ph.D.), an award-winning artist, was born in Ukraine and currently lives in Switzerland. She is the winner of the 2022 Leonardo da Vinci Award and is celebrated as "The Universal Artist".

Vik Schroeder has two university degrees and has specialized in specific art techniques in Spain, Germany and Italy. Most of her oil paintings are created with a palette knife and are in a unique and remarkable mosaic style in the impressionist style.

Vik Schroeder actively participates in prestigious art exhibitions and has already received nine international awards. Many of her works are in private collections around the world.

Vik Schroeder

«Through my paintings I bring the Love of our Universe»


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